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Angel Banos

Gold's Gym
CEO and President
In 1987 brothers Angel Banos and his brother, William, opened their first Gold’s Gym franchise in North Hollywood. Approaching this new venture in true entrepreneurial fashion, the Banos Brothers set out to take the Gold’s Gym brand to higher levels by providing superior customer service, personalized cutting-edge programming and impeccably clean facilities. This formula, combined with a passionate desire to build health clubs that cater to each community’s individual personality, has catapulted the Banos’ to the forefront of the fitness industry. As CEO of Gold’s Gym’s SoCal locations, Angel runs the busiest, most architecturally innovative and well-run gyms in the country. With over 80 prestigious Gold’s Gym International awards and an amazing 140,000 + and growing membership base, he has managed to make their facilities the standard by which all other health and fitness clubs are measured.
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