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Perth - Western Australia

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Family man, Beach Lover, Fitness nerd, hard worker.

CompleteScan is MyFiziq’s multi-scan solution comprising a BodyScan and FaceScan to deliver a multitude of biometric markers and risks from a smart-phone.

CompleteScan provides key health metrics including: heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, body fat % and waist to hip / height ratio’s, as well as key health risks including: CVD, heart attack, stroke, mental health index, T2D, obesity / central obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

Integrating MyFiziq Limited's iOS and Android Software Development Kits (SDKs) within your applications means that your customers have the unique ability to understand their health, wellbeing and chronic disease risk, from the privacy of their own home using just their smartphone.

Should you choose to integrate our solution with your development team, and there are limited bespoke requirements, up-front fees can be 'zero cost'.

Please direct message me if you would like to trial our CompleteScan demo application that now includes a FaceScan and BodyScan to deliver a multitude of biometric markers and risks.

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